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Monday, 7 December 2009

I'm back and let the fundraising begin

I know it has been a while and for that I apologise. I had surgery to remove my wisdom teeth out and after a number of complications it took longer than expected to recover! BOO!

Hopefully now they are out i can get back to normal and whilst i'm not quite 100% the 20 week marathon training plan started today. Whilst I have been poorly I have made sure i have everything i need for training and am now sporting a Nike + ipod thing which basically turns your i pod into a garmin. I'm quite impressed so far and all my runs will now be recorded on the Nike + which is also linked to my FB page

So I haven't just been shopping.... promise! I have also been in discussion with Malaria No More UK (who I will be running the London Marathon for) to put an article on their website along with links to my justgiving page (a work in progress) and this blog. This is great news in terms of fundraising, especially considering the popularity of the charity since 'I'm a Celebrity...'. This should mean I raise loads of money and save a lot of lives by providing mosquito nets for children and families in malarial zones. This charity means a lot to me and is one that I truly believe in. It's simple, I raise money, it buys nets and in turn one net could save a family from the potentially fatal disease. The preventative way of fighting this disease make it a truly great way to save lives!

I will let you all know when something is up on their website, I'm still writing up something and trying to choose a pic. In the meantime why not check out the website and get a real feel of what this amazing charity does

Anyway onto some running, having done a few short runs last week to gauge my fitness levels, I have to say it felt great. Today I did a 3 miler, whilst the time I clocked up was a little slow for my average run a few things slowed me down (i had to figure out how to start the workout even though the clock was ticking), traffic was pretty bad on the route and generally i'm a little out of practice. The main thing is I finished the run comfortably and I am now well underway with the training. The run was a little cold and wet to say the least and I'm having to play around with layering etc in the clothing department to ensure I am sufficiently clothed. The big thumbs up goes to running tights, having always finding them mortifingly ugly I took the plunge and bought a pair and actually ran in public wearing them. They are fantastic and whilst they are not the most flattering thing on the planet they really do the job and now looking for a decent top to also keep me warm yet dry.

The Playlist is working ok, I need to work on the order and tweak it a little, a few songs are not working but I have found a power song, Final Countdown by Europe. This is probably one of my favorite songs ever and a truly great track to run to. Another potential, although it works well as a starting up song is Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed peas...... I'm still on the hunt for more tracks so watch this space. I will update you all after my first week of training and probably talk about my aches and pains but for now, I FEEL GREAT!!

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