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Monday, 21 December 2009

Due to adverse weather conditions my training has suffered

Hello again.

Since writing my last entry I have had a disappointing week of training. Due to snow, ice, Christmas parties and god knows what else.

I didn't get a long run in yesterday as we were getting pretty heavy snow showers which was instantly turning to ice. I did finally manage to get out today despite Newark resembling an ice rink and about -2 temperatures. I have to say that despite my initial reservations of 'risking it' Craig gave me the slightly wary push I needed. Naturally he wanted to know how long I would be so he would know when to get worried, especially after sharing a story of some runner slipping and breaking there elbow.....ow!

Anyway I made it out and despite nearly slipping as soon as I stepped out of the house and being blasted with extremely cold midland air I got moving, dodging icy patches in favour of the powdery snow. The first 2 minutes were unpleasant to say the least, it was cold and I was slipping all over the place but once i started warming up and figured out what was good to run on, and what I needed to cross the road to avoid I started picking up the pace.

My heart start really racing and I realised I was actually enjoying this run, yes it would be slow but I was dodging about and with the air of danger, my heart started to race with adrenalin! It took every inch of my will power to not start racing off full pace as despite my meandering and dodging, the paths were still a death trap. OK I was running in a pretty strange manner and I was getting some particularly strange looks but it felt fabulous. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment or the cold does something to my brain but I think I found my favourite conditions to run in. Who'd have thought it!!??

On top of the mental benefits of running in those conditions I could really feel the run working my muscles harder and I was getting pains in muscles I didn't know existed! On top of that my core muscles were tested as they were basically preventing me from eating snow :) I am paying for it now but the best bit about it was that it was a big 'HAH, In your face snow' snow will no longer prevent me from doing what I love, it will encourage me to go and have some fun with the running!

On a charity, sponsorship note I have set up my Virgin Money fundraising page, I know it's still early days but I thought I'd start the pestering early :) Feel free to sponsor me to run for this very worthy cause, hey if the likes of David Beckham, Andy Murray (my sporting hero) and Denise Lewis are Leadership Council Members.... you can't argue with that. You know what to do!!!

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