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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Festive running

I haven't forgotten you all but as you can imagine training has still been a little slow, the ice and snow has only just completely melted today (the remaining stuff was ice rink stuff that popped up when you weren't looking) and then obviously Christmas has been a hindrance on training. Despite having in my head I'd train throughout Christmas the inevitable social events pop up, your entertaining guests or generally getting things ready for Christmas.

Since my last post I have only done 2 runs (shocking I know). The first one was an early morning long run (10km) on Monday morning when the visitors were tucked up in bed. In terms of long runs and considering the lack of training it was a very comfortable 10k and was meant to be running a 10k that day had it not been for the very rude and obnoxious race organisers. SO as it stands I am at the standard of fitness I would like to be at, at this point. The long runs will now get a mile longer each week until I reach 20 miles then I'll be tapering down again.

I Managed a 10k PB too (58 minutes 45) which assures me now that I am in the shape of my life and that is a pretty good place to be with 16 weeks to go! I have now also upped the weekday runs to 4 miles and this will go up a mile every 3 weeks or so. Did my first 4 miles today and got a fairly good time in but I was treating more as a recovery run. I managed to achieve a mile PB of 9 mins 14 seconds. I really am seeing the improvements!

Now to rant a little. I consider myself a considerate runner, when walkers are approaching I run right to the edge of the pavement (or take the road when safe to do so) and if I'm running behind I give a little cough so I don't startle them (had it done to me before). So WHY O WHY do I get tutted at and taunted at sometimes, I just don't get it? and most the time its by fat slobs with a fag hanging out there mouths! But today I heard the most ludacris taunt after in no way affecting their path of walking, I was happily running I shifted to the edge of the pavement and what do they shout 'Runners should be running on cycle paths' WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? In what way is running or runners in any way associated with cycling, yes they are both sports but for starters cyclist travel about twice as fast as runners, secondly why should I be putting myself and cyclists in danger and thirdly since when did the lazy slobs of this country rule the world? When did they get the right to taunt us runners (and I know cyclists who suffer too)for keeping fit and healthy.... GITS

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  1. Gemma, I feel your pain! What are these people thinking when they blurt out ridiculous comments such as this? The stupidest I've had is: "Why don't you just go on a treadmill?" WHY?? WHY?? I can list a million reasons. A nano-second of thought over this comment would have made the oaf realise what a completely MORONIC thing it is to say!!! Agh!
    All hecklers of runners should be shot!!
    Good Luck with your training :)