After running the London Marathon in 2010 I continue my pursuit for sporting greatness without the aid of running shoes. I now run 'Barefoot' full time and aim to run the London Marathon 2012 'bare'

My blog is an account of training for running, triathlon, staying fit for life and pushing my body to it's limits to become 'superfit'. I hope it will inspire others to go out and get fit for life and see how enjoyable and rewarding it can be

Monday, 21 March 2011

I must get better at this blogging malarky!

Yep, I've got sloppy again... apologies for lack of blogness... seriously busy with training, taking photos and creating a website for my pics! Enough of the excuses... where am I at?

Triathlon training is well underway and I'm doing well in 2 out of the 3 events so all is going well. I'll update you per event

It's taken a while to step away from the running without me kicking and screaming so I have made an effort to really focus more on Swimming and cycling this past month. Running has still been very much a part of training but definately not the sole focus. It was a bit like someone stole my ice cream to start with but I'm getting there.

I was getting a little concerned that my running was going to suffer but it seems to be getting better and I feel amazingly fit and strong when I'm running now. Managed a PB in my first 5 miler for a long while today and I enjoyed every minute of it which goes to show the power of 'Cross training'. Invested in a pair of  Zem's which are just the most amazing barefoot 'shoe'/'sock' to run in. They are giving me a real sense of freedom and as soon as my feet are in them I feel like I could run for miles.

So, how hard can cycling be? Get on a bike and pedal away? Well up until I decided to do a triathlon that was more than sufficient but now I have set my goals, it's becoming apparent training on the bike will be the toughest part (and most vital as its the largest percentage of time). After discussing with an Ironman triathlete, her advice was, to get any better it's going to hurt! Oh joy!

So I've been putting in really hard sessions on the turbo bike to build up my strength and stamina and have started riding outside a lot more, I even attempted a headwind ride in 42 mph winds... that wasn't 'fun' as I! My biggest barrier now is my bike, as great as my bike is, it wont cut the mustard in a race (well it will but I want to compete not dawdle). SO now I'm working on getting a new bike which I am assured will increase my speed massively, now I've been told this I can really feel the bike holding me bike.... all good training. This is the bike I want...  Fingers crossed!

Well my first trip to the pool was worrying and the following trips were equally worrying, I finally was able to swim a length and had the breathing down but i was still only swimming a length at a time. These lengths were slow and hard work still. Every time I went to the pool I took a tip in my head and gradually over time I was managing 2 lengths at the time and the occasional 4 lengths.

Last week I focussed on my swimming, getting some serious time in the pool (amongst running/cycling/weights). I really focussed on form and building up confidence and was starting to manage 4-5 lengths at a time (this was after some pretty tough workouts). On sunday I headed to the pool intending to do 800 metres and i managed 900!!! I also managed 10 lengths pretty much non stop and 400 metres in 10 minutes which was my tri target time! So now I'm brimming with confidence, I'm making myself a swimmer after all :) I am seriously in the wrong job!

Overall training is based on a 3 week cycle having 'focussed' weeks, last week was swimming, this week is running. This basically means the respective sport will have a slightly higher percentage of train time for the week. I'm going to start introducing a 'long' event on sundays, this will be whatever the chosen sport for the week is (long run, long swim, long ride). I am training 5 days (sometimes 6) a week! I am spending serious time on the turbo bike, weights and rowing is my cross training in the gym! I'm riding or running to the gym each day (4 mile round trip).... so as you can see its all pretty busy but boy it is amazingly enjoyable! I miss 'just' running sometimes, but my joints and body are so much stronger. I could really see this being my thing, and if anything this training will make me a fabulous runner!