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Monday, 15 March 2010

Down but not out

So it has been a bit of a hellish week this week and I kind of hit rock bottom today.

Following the euphoria of my first half marathon I hit the ground again with a big bump. I went out for a recovery run on Tuesday and started to feel pretty good, the leg was still playing up but in general all was ok..... until the next day. I could barely walk and despite icing and stretching to the max throughout Wednesday and Thursday, by Thursday evening it was all to apparent that I would need to give the 5 miler a miss. I opted for cross training on the bike but the plan to cycle for an hour and a half were hampered by my lack of bike lights! (NOTE TO SELF: sort out that bloody gym membership)

I felt ok after that but yet again the morning was a killer. I had a club run planned (after convincing some people to do a 6miler) but 6 miles was out of the question so I went for a very easy 5 miles. It was a slog and after my run I realised that this injury was just getting worse and worse and that rest was in order. So here I am, day 3 without a run and still in quite a lot of pain and pretty much going in sane.

I am now going through the runners rollercoaster of emotions. When I got up this morning I was in AGONY. The pain was coming from my achilles tendon (not inspired by Mr Beckham) and I was visibly limping for the first time. That was it, breakdown time. Walking to work I worked through scenarios in my head and was beginning to think it was tendinitis which would no doubt halt training and my London marathon dream for 2010. I will be honest this made me feel sick with sadness and disappointment and it brought me to tears. Its easy saying, 'oh you can just walk it' or 'you can just defer it to next year' but I haven't got this far, and trained for a goal only to do half a job or have to start again so I am now more determined than ever to get better and back on the road!

I need to remember this is my first marathon and just finishing will be a massive achievement and I would be one of the less than 1% of brits to of ever completed a marathon, even if it means dragging my gammy leg behind me!!

So I'm also suffering with a cold (and other ailments) so I am still resting and plan to do so until Wednesday or Thursday and get a few 2/3 milers in before race day.... hopefully the rest will work and after 3 days of nothing tonight I did some stretching, light pilates and a few kung fu stances to loosen the leg. I am going to keep up the leg TLC and hopefully I'll be ok for race day and this would be a good test of how the injury holds up!

Fingers crossed the few more days of rest help, the other possibility doesn't bear thinking about so until then I will remain positive.

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