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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Runner's guilt

So last week after some good runs during the week I was starting to see a recurrence of an old injury, throughout the week it was no more than a niggle and whilst these niggles do hold you back I still felt OK.

Sunday morning I woke up and my ankle was stiff and sore before I even got out of bed. So I got up, carbed up and got dressed for my run. I then got this sinking feeling in my stomach that I just didn't feel well enough. The ankle wasn't loosening up and nor were my spirits. I had to make a decision and decided to take a break from my long run. The guilt that hung over my head for the hours that followed were unbearable but a part of me knew that it was the right decision. By late afternoon and following hours of justifying myself I realised that after 8 weeks of ever increasing long runs, I was due a break. Most coaches recommend it and the signals my body were given were right.

I still feel to this day, if I had run, I would of done more damage than good and would probably not be running this week.... all this understanding aside I am still getting the pangs of guilt :(

By Monday the ankle was feeling better and I was feeling significantly refreshed and decided that after reading a few articles on time trials, I would attempt one myself. I opted for a 10km run, a little over my normal runs and a good measure of my improvements. Well I managed a new PB of 55 minutes and 20 secs, not just a PB but a PB of about 3.5 minutes!!! Following that I felt better about myself and made me realise further how vital taking a rest on Sunday was. I was feeling on top of the world again!

I did a 'recovery' run this evening as I really did push myself on Monday and I could still feel it in my legs. Well in the end it was a good run and the biggest positive was that I felt like I was running slow and so did my lungs but it turned out I was still running 9.07 minute miles! Whilst my training focusses of endurance more than speed (I have never been a fast runner) these little improvements make me realise what my training is doing to my speed as well as my endurance.... That sub 4 hour 30 marathon is looking more and more doable now and based on my time trial I have the potential to go sub 4:20 but I'm not going to push it :)

Now I don't know whether it is guilt or just trying to mix things up this week but following my 10k on Monday I am going to attempt to run 4 days in a row.... another little effort to work on running through fatigue (which will no doubt happen during the 26.2 miles) and pushing myself a little bit more. That will mean that by Saturday I will of run 20.5 miles.

Then I go away for the weekend and having originally planned to run my long run on Monday, I decided that it will probably not happen.... 13 miles on dark cold roads is not appealing. So I'm being a geek, taking my running kit with me, I will be staying near to where I grew up so decided to do a run down memory lane (so I don't have to drag poor Craig around on my reminiscing missions). I'm going to do 13 miles of running past old schools, homes, haunts! It'll probably be a little emotional but a great way to add some zest into my long run away from home..... at least I'll know the area like the back of my hand and the drive to get me around will be my sisters 30th birthday masquerade ball (with a couple of ciders with my name on)!

So that's me this week. I will of course keep you posted and I would like to take this chance to thank you all for being so supportive, especially my husband!

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