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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Will the snow just bugger off now

I may well be the one of a few but seeing as I do all my running on the road this whole snow and ice malarky is driving me mad. For the first few weeks it had its benefits, my core was strengthening ten fold and each run was a much tougher workout rather than just a run. Now it is getting to the stage where I have no idea where I am in terms of training, I'm clocking good times but are they good enough??? I know this is endurance training and speed doesn't come into it yet but it is always nice to see how far you have come with training.

On Sunday I had a miserable 8 mile run in the snow, sleet, rain, ice, wind etc. I struggled at 4 miles and almost went home (I was doing laps) which was so frustrating as I had done everything right but the weather was so cold wet and windy that it felt like a slog the whole time. It was one of the rare times when i wonder 'what the fxxk am I doing'.

On a positive note the snow had mostly melted on the main roads by Tuesday so I got an OK run in, there was still a lot ice away from the main roads where I had to slow down but I got to pick up the pace on solid ground. Overall that was a good run and gave me a welcome boost following a bad day.

Today I was looking forward to another good run this morning but Newark was covered in black ice (and after Craig came off his bike in it badly) I decided to avoid injury. I was hopeful I would be able to run this evening but then the snow came, SNow + black ice is a big no no :(

So now I have spent the evening with itchy feet yet again DYING to get out and run, by tomorrow I'll be pretty eager though which can only be a good thing. I am temporarily unable to go to the gym so I have taken up pilates for strengthening and toning and will probably get out on my bike at the weekend (weather permitting)

All in all I just moaned about the weather which is typically British of me. I'm not one to usually moan about the weather but when it affects me doing what I love, it is very frustrating!

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